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12 South Peach Festival

Marissa Barrett

One of the most exciting events of summer in Nashville is the beginning of Peach Season. I used to think I don't like peaches.. but I was wrong. There's something about the peaches that come from the Peach Truck... namely, they're from a regional farm in Georgia and get sold in brown paper bags that help them ripen up just enough to be juicy but not an absolute mess. On top of that, they're at every event worth going to and they have excellent customer service. 

The 12 South Neighborhood is home to some of the best local businesses (imogene + willie, Frothy Monkey, Burger Up), has the cutest houses, and a great community center in Sevier Park. Its proximity to Belmont University, Downtown, and Green Hills makes it a great location to live or visit and their farmer's market is one of the best (maybe THE best) in town. Throughout the market season (Spring-Fall), the 12 South Farmer's Market hosts festivals with food trucks and live music to celebrate the fresh food being brought in. For the Peach Festival (June 28th of 2016), the Peach Truck was there and local vendors were encouraged to incorporate peaches into their products. The Nashville Jam Company had an amazing Peach Habanero jam and the previous year I got to sample a macaroon of the same flavor from Le Macaron. 

One of my favorite tents at the 12 South Farmer's Market is Humble Flower Farm. You can buy bouquets as needed or sign up for a flower CSA and pick up your fresh bunch of local flowers from Bell's Bend, just north of Nashville.

Visiting the Peach Festival with my husband Chris was such a sweet way to spend an afternoon eating local food and hanging out with vendors. Cannot wait for the market season this year in 12 South!